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Operations performed in our Aberdeen spooling shop include cable installation, spooling, 'end-for-ending', cleaning, oiling, twisting and postforming. The provision of some or all of these services as required, ensure that our customer's cables are inspected and serviced to the highest standard available, thus ensuring the longevity of performance of their cables.

Our experienced personnel regularly travel to any destination in the world to perform our specialist services on site, to reduce the amount of down time endured by customers' due to cable problems.

Technical development

With the further development of technology, there is an ever increasing demand for the development of systems to provide improved service to our customers. EM Cables prides itself on it's ability to adapt to, and implement new technology. We have had in place for over 5 years a computerised system for the monitoring and recording of line speed, tension and magnetic marking of cables during the marking process. We have now acquired a system for the monitoring and recording of cable diameters, using the latest in laser technology, to help further with the detection of cable damage and cable ovality. In addition to this we are always on the lookout for any other new technology, which we believe would help to provide an even better service to all of our customers.