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Live Diameter Recording

EM Cable Services now offers a live diameter recording service for gauging of all types and sizes of wireline, slicklines and swablines.

With the help of Eztek Limited we have developed a one of a kind, state of the art diameter recording package which can record every diameter in live conditions whether we are installing or servicing wire/cables.

We can record as low as every 0.1 Ft, or at any desired depth eg: 1ft, 10ft, 100ft, 1000ft.

This is recorded on an excel spreadsheet (see example below) and with the help of the new software the readings from our laser diameter gauge are saved with the exact depth at that point.

We believe this service is the only one of its kind and is invaluable to our customers who seek the most accurate form of recording cable diameters.

Spreadsheet readings from laser diameter gauge